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Young Scouts recognised for their success and bravery

29th April 2016

Young Scouts recognised for their success and bravery by Chief Scout Bear Grylls and Prince Michael of Kent

  • 120 Scottish Scouts have achieved the highest honour in Scouting this year - The Queen’s Scout Award.
  • This is the highest number of Scottish Scouts to achieve this award in over a decade

This weekend Scottish Scouts will travel to Windsor to be recognised, for their achievement in receiving the highest Scouting honour, the Queen’s Scout Award, from Chief Scout Bear Grylls and His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent.

The award recognises leadership and teamwork and requires high standards of discipline and motivation. Scouts aged 16-25 must complete a number of achievements before they turn 25 in order to achieve the award.

Scouts must also obtain a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award or complete 5 Scouting Challenges which include volunteering in the community for 12 months, learning and developing a new skill, and taking up a new physical activity. Part of these challenges include 18 nights away, 12 of which must be camping. As well as this they need to do challenges that improve the environment, help them to understand the wider world and celebrate the values of Scouting.

One of the Scouts who has achieved their Queen’s Scout Award this year and is heading down to Windsor is Rachel Hutcheson. As part of her Queens Scout Award she climbed 20 Munros, and her expedition took place on the Isle of Skye under terrible weather conditions including horizontal rain and 40 mph winds.

For her volunteer element of the Queens Scout Award Rachel spentfour years serving on the board of the Streathmarin Community fund.For one year she was a vice chair then for two years she served as a chair.

Each year she was responsible for distributing the £100K funds to local community projects that the wind farm associated with the project generated. She undertook this volunteering aged 19 to 23. Funds went to support youth provision, including school enrichment programmes and projects for older people

Rachel Hutcheson, aged 26, from Inverness said:

“I wanted to give back something to my community - that’s why I served as chair of the community board. It was important to make sure community assets were spent wisely”

Scouts Scotland is booming, with 10 years of continual growth in the youth section of the movement, there are now 46095 members across Scotland.

Graham Haddock, Chief Commissioner, Scouts Scotland said;

“We are so proud to see 120 young people be recognised for the contribution they have made.This is the highest number of Scottish Scouts receiving this award in over a decade and highlights the growth of the movement.”

“The skills and resilience that these young Scouts have shown is incredible.As well as learning new skills, facing challenges and having unbelievable adventures, the Queen’s Scout Award demonstrates remarkable commitment, discipline and motivation. The impact that each of these young people has had and will continue to have on their community through volunteering should not be forgotten.”


Upcoming events

Regional Camp!
11th - 13th September 2020