In Touch

The Scout Association and Girlguiding each have their own systems for enabling appropriate and effective communication between those attending an event and their home area.

Rally Organisers' InTouch System:

The Rally Organisers' InTouch System looks at what contingents/groups/staff are attending and how to communicate with them.

A: Before the rally:Communications with groups/leaders attending is through Christine Horne. Christine will receive the application forms and communicate by e-mail, letter or phone with the contingent/group contact. General information and forms, etc. will be posted on the website. The Camp Chief's e-mail address is also on the information sheets. Each department leader will be in contact with their staff.

B: During the rally: Communications will be through the admin tent with the contingent/group leaders. For groups without a leader on site contact will be with an appropriate person from their home locality. The phone at admin (07736 945182) will be manned 24 hours a day during the rally.

Scout Contingents'/groups' InTouch System:

The contingents'/groups' systems looks at who is a member of their party and how to communicate with their parents.

You must inform admin of your InTouch arrangements.

Guide Home Contact System:

Fill out a Residential Event Notification which includes ticking 'home contact procedure established' box.

Nominate someone (possibly a leader or DC) who is not closely related to the participants to keep a list of all those taking part , including contact numbers. It may be that your mobile communication is not good at the rally so make sure your home contact has the rally admin number - 07736945182.

You must inform admin of your Home Contact arrangements.

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